How to Save Money on Rental Cars

Nowadays, consumers are savvy about finding the best deals on air tickets and hotels. This is mainly due to the abundance of travel websites which enable consumers like us to compare deals from different airlines and hotels easily. However, there is one travel need that is often neglected — rental cars. Many travelers often assume that the prices of car rentals are about the same but in fact, the prices from different rental car companies vary greatly.

Renting a car to drive around while you are traveling makes it easier. However, it is not cheap. Thus it pays to shop around to find the best deals for car rentals. Here are some tips you may want to use to save money when you are renting a car during your travels…

– Compare the prices from several different sources

Many people make the same mistake when they are checking for the prices. They assume that if they find the best discount deals on air tickets and hotels at the same site, they can also get the best deals for rental cars. This is not true. Very often, these travel websites do not provide great rates for rental cars. Still, it is good to visit the major rental car companies’ websites to check out what they are offering before you make your rental car booking.

– Get the smallest class of car which meets your requirements

Don’t get a big car like a SUV. The most economical choice is to get a car that is just big enough to accommodate you, your passengers and the luggage that you bring along. Unless you are bringing a lot of stuff with you and your big family, renting a SUV fee will be expensive and it needs more gas.

– Look at the rental costs carefully

Take the time to read about the costs to be incurred and the terms and conditions carefully before making a reservation. Try to avoid any additional costs if possible. You should consider not renting a car at the airport because extra fees are normally tacked on and you can avoid them if you rent offsite.

– Need to find out whether your auto insurance also covers any vehicles you rent

This is relatively important because if your auto insurance offers the same collision coverage you have on your own car, you save money from paying extra insurance from the rental company. If your insurance does not have, you may want to check whether your credit card companies provide insurance on cars rented using their cards. Do you homework first before getting the insurance from the rental company.

– Check whether paying advance will entitle a bigger discount

Quite a number of car companies offer a good discount when you pay in advance. Again, do read the fine print before paying in advance. Some rental car companies will charge you for any changes you make later.

When you look for rental car deals, you should make all effort in finding good deals like you are doing for air tickets and hotels. By doing so, you actually save money which you can use for shopping trips during your vacation instead.