Top 4 Travel Packing Tips

Packing bags play a significant role in the outcome of trips especially if you do not travel very often. Tips on travel packing have never been as valuable as it is now. With the baggage fees on rise, traveling light is the best way to go now. Now the question is how to cram all the essentials in one bag? The following tips on traveling will help to decide on the ways to pack like a pro.

1. Make a Checklist of All the Items to Carry

This list will include everything from clothes, shoes and toiletries to paperwork like guidebooks, maps, reading materials and hotel, as well as rental car details. This list will also help to pack the things back while returning home since all the items you have are in this list. Do not neglect any item. Some of the commonly forgotten items include toothpaste/toothbrush, sunglasses, socks, sunscreen, hat and deodorant. Consider the weather as well as activities you will be taking part in before listing the items.

2. Plan the Outfits Well In Advance to Avoid Over- Packing

By knowing what the weather will be like, being precise is possible. If not, it is better to carry versatile items like light jackets and cardigans that go with multiple tops. Some three-quarter sleeve shirts are also better to carry. This will help to adapt to changing conditions. Layering is a great idea as this does not just helps to deal with changing weather but can also help to disguise if you are using the same item repeatedly. Make sure that all the items you are carrying goes with several other pieces. This will help creating an array of mix and match pieces. Always remember to pack an extra empty bag. You can use this bag to carry the dirty items. This will keep from mingling the dirty clothes with the fresh ones.

3. Downsize All the Things

Carry the smallest available size if you have to carry your ointment, gel or cream. There are many hotels that give soaps, shampoos, toothpaste and toothbrushes free of charge. Even if they do not offer, you can get them from the adjoining areas. So, if you have to carry them, carry the smallest size available.

4. Place All the Heavy Items at the Bottom of Bags

Struggling with rolling luggage that flips and twists continually will be a trouble. While packing luggage, check all the items thoroughly. Be thorough as no one loves to go through the bag all again to find whether all the things are there.

Always remember that trips are for having fun and not to stress self. So, start packing well in advance to avoid a rush later.

Rajib KR Saha is a passionate writer and globe trotter.He has been to different parts of the world and has various write ups on Myanmar travel as well as multiple other destinations.